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It's been 2 years when :iconechow88: and me (Daikon Sky), tried to be the Representative of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore
We started to register in 2010, while making Legend of Dragoon costume. you can see the pics :… and
but we didn't pass it that time. of course there's a sad feeling ^^. but it's okay. we just move on. in the middle of 2011 we wore LOD again in local competition called CLAS:H, and won 2nd here…
Echow as Dart final form (DIvine Dragoon)… and I as Albert n Shana. see our performance here :…

After Clas:H, we directly prepared new costume for AFA 2011. We decided to make Code Geass costume. Echow as Lancelot, and I'm the pilot, Suzaku Kururugi. We were selected with 4 other finalists.
see our costume :… and… (this is the 1st time I sew my own costume full from zero^^)
please check out our video performance…
but we didn't pass it :(

Then we moved on to 2012. there was the 1st time WCS got in Indonesia. We're very excited and so wanted to join. We decided to make .hack://G.U
Echow made Haseo beast form and I made Ovan. check out our album here :…
and here…

Unfortunately, we didn't pass WCS, we got 2nd place. it's okay, we're still moving on XDDD
Finally the registration was opened. We enrolled and got in to 5 finalists for Day 1, which would be selected for 2 teams to compete again with 8 teams in day 2. Thanks God we passed for 2 teams with OPJ Uchiha, their costume is really awesome ^^
Day 2, we competed again, so there are 10 teams in competitions.
It's so breath taking because all the contestants got really COOL costumes, props n performances *O*
BUt we could just move on
And the result is WE GO TO AFA SG!! XDD
so this year we (daikon sky) are going to be the Representative of Indonesia for AFA in SIngapore

1st we deeply thanks Jesus for all He's given up until now. We humbly pray n work hard ^^;;;
2nd we're so greatful for our succeed team XD. They help us lots. They are : YOuna, RIn Yagami, and Dewe
also others : Hyoosuke kun, Yuzu, Sasuke, and Akihi
love you guys

So right now we're repairing some of our costumes n props and also performance. we'll do our best in AFA SG ^^
please support n pray for us XD

Daikon Sky
Echow88 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wooghh~ *pray
chidori-sagara Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
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Submitted on
September 25, 2012